Compustar Prime T9 2-way LCD 3000' Remote Start System


Product Description

Up to 3000-Ft of Range

Powered by Superheterodyne Plus (SP) Technology. Send commands from up to 3000 feet away.

2-Way LCD Confirmation

Receive instant visual and audible confirmation on your 2-way remote's LCD screen.

Keyless Entry

Press the LOCK or UNLOCK buttons to arm and disarm your security system, as well as lock and unlock your vehicle's doors.

Manual-Transmission Compatible

This remote start system can be safely installed onto a manual-transmission vehicle.

Push-to-Start Ready

Compustar remote starters are compatible with push-to-start vehicles.

LCD Status

This remote has an LCD screen that shows you the current status of your vehicle.

3-Year Warranty

Compustar remotes are covered by a 3-year warranty against defects and malfunctioning components.

DroneMobile Ready

Pair this system with a DR-3400 to add smartphone control and GPS tracking.