At Carsound, we carry all the accessories to make your vehicle truly stand out from the rest. Along with that, Carsound carries all the equipment to make your driving experience safer, more convenient, and most importantlym more enjoyable. Whether you're looking for new LED headlights, Leather kits to replace your old cloth seats, Back up cameras and sensors to stay protected, you can rest assured Carsound has what you need.


LED Lighting

LED headlights are a brighter, longer lasting alternative to halogen or likewise bulbs. We also offer interior lighting, light bars, rock lights, LED strips, and LED bulbs to replace any factory bulbs.

Convenience & Safety

To make driving safer, and ultimately more convenient, Carsound offers a wide range of products to satisfy all your needs. Whether its a back up camera and sensors to let you know what is behind you, dash cameras to record while you're driving or parked, or blind spot detectors to know who is around your vehicle, Carsound has what you need to keep you and your vehicle safer.

Leather Kits & Heated Seats

Does your car have cloth seats and you would rather have leather? Maybe your car has leather, but you don't like the color, or the stitching, or would just like something new. Check out our vast supply of leather kits, all built to order based on what you decide. Leather kits can be customized with different stiching, perforated or suede inserts, and your choice of dozens of colors. Add heated seats to your factory seats to help in those brutal winter months. Heated seats can be added to leather or cloth seats.

Weathertech Floor Mats and other products

Carrying the full Weathertech line, stop at Carsound for your floor mats, cargo mats, seat protectors, mudflaps, window deflectors and more. Precision cut to fit most vehicles and color matched to your interior.

Radar Detectors

Radar detectors can give you ease and a more enjoyable driving experience. Chances are if you are looking to invest in a radar detector you've experienced that dreaded feeling when you see red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror.  Radar detectors allow you to drive with confidence and can save you from the hassle and expense of a speeding ticket. Radar detector technology has come a long way in recent years, making them very accurate for tracking law enforcement's radar and laser speed detection devices.  New radar technology has also integrated smartphones, GPS, and Bluetooth compatibility. At large selctions of Radar detectors to suit your needs and price point. Escort and K40 radar detectors are some of the best on the market, don't wait until your next traffic ticket to get one.

Bumpers, Running Boards, and Tonneau Covers

Fit the exterior of your vehicle to make it truly your own, one of a kind. From stationary to automatic, running boards are key to making it easier to get into larger vehicles. Keep whats in your bed private with a tonneau cover to keep the contents of your bed hidden. New bumpers and fenders can complete the look you have always been looking for on your vehicle.